Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tanzania - The Pahi Rock Art Site

Rock Art Site Day 1 - 11.2 - After the session at Imbafi school we headed up to the village of Kolo to pick up our guide. Seppo negotiated the price for our two visits. Soon we were off down the road to Pahi.
Kolo Rock Paintings Site Museum

Our guide Rawa Ramadhani
There are no roads to these places just a series of footpaths - a long ride through deep ruts and twisting through the trees. We park the Land Rover as close as possible and walk up the hills.

The large overhanging stones protect the work from the weather and fences that have been constructed to preserve them from vandalism have been stolen for the wood and metal. It seems that steeling is a way of life in this land with so much need. A Rock Art site with whatever importance to the rest of the world has little meaning to locals living a subsistence existence where food, water and shelter are their main concerns.

We manage to visit two sites before sundown and arrange to come back in the morning to go to another.


  1. Here, in the middle of a snow storm, everything is white. These images and your story brings a little bit sunshine to this cold day. And it´s easy to see you probably feel right at home there among those rock paintings ;).

    1. Yep Tarja - I've just realized now where I've been. It was perhaps a bit overwhelming at the time - nice old graffiti and so high up in the hills.

  2. Great photo's Gary, any sign of Leroy having been there?

  3. Ancient graffiti - inspiring! Good to follow what is going on! Here we are surrounded with just white - Snow Show and Ice Rocks - so great to see some contrast ! Enjoyed Attenborough today and tomorrow shovelling myself out of here as far as the glass museum to have a look at Erkkitapio Siiroinen's glass clouds from the early 1970's. Great to see the early expressions of our creativenes in fine arts; where it all started and that you are doing fine!

  4. I think he meant Kilroy, not Leroy, Gary!:D
    Great reading. Look forward to more.


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